Daring publisher makes the world a little nicer

Dif Books  does things a little differently. What once started with a daring ’bookazine’ (a crossover between magazine and book) in the Netherlands and Belgium, has since grown into a publishing company that creates books intended to change the world, but in a fun way.

Dif Books is part of the company Brighter World/Dif Books BV from Rotterdam The Netherlands. The ten year old company is known for their famous magazine DIF. A journalistic glossy made by the most important journalists and photographers from The Netherlands. Dif Books also published the best selling series ‘52 easy ways’, the cross media project Goodies and has worked for a range of NGO’s in development projects for the Third World. Sustainability, Fair Trade, and a greener society are the important flags in the mission statement of Dif Books.

Dif Books publishes  books in a variety genres: youth fiction, novels, thrillers and non fiction. Dif Books also published three special cookbooks.

Dif is daring, against the grain and socially involved.  Jacqui Burger, managing-director, explains: “What characterizes us as a publisher is that we try to make the world a bit nicer and more social, not only with our profits but also with our publications.” From an eco-friendly point of view, the publisher has a preference for E-books, but also love the service that is provided in traditional bookstores. Part of the company profit is reserved for good causes. The books also often have a subject that touches society in a direct way. The series, “52 easy ways,” gives people fun and easy methods for change. But also in the novels and thrillers show social injustice, albeit in an entertaining way. With over 70.000 copies sold in the Netherlands, “52 easy ways” is a regular Dutch bestseller, often used a as a inspirational gift or marketing tool.

When pigs fly…

Dif Books have agreed that part of their profits will be spent on good causes through the Flying Pig Foundation. The Flying Pig Foundation supports causes that try to battle social and economic injustice through innovative ways. One of the project is starting up a cashmere goat farm in Nepal where a new cashmere breed is developed. The project is a whole chain social enterprise ‘from goat to fashion store’. More about sogoodtowear on this link.

Managing director

Jacqui Burger (Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1965) is the director of Brighter World -Dif Books and the publishing companies Dif Books Inc and Dif Books. In a previous life Jacqui worked for Shell and Ericson but she started her own company in 1995 that merged into Brighter World in the beginning of this century.

Press information

In the Netherlands Dif Books works with The Dutch press agency Miss Publicity. For more information please contact Clarissa Slingerland through Clarissa@misspublicity.nl or call +31 (0)10 214 0593. You can also take a look at the pressroom on their website www.misspublicity.nl. In this virtual pressroom you will find current information about Dif Books. Outside of office hours you can call +31 (0)6 54 20 09 66.