What does DAWN stand for?
Dutch American Writers Network. DAWN is a collective of four writers. The writers all believe it is necessary to prepare yourself for the new world. A world where prosperity will be divided more fairly between the haves and the have-nots, where we will live with more respect for the earth and her resources. Where we will live with respect for each others rights, race, gender and origin.

What is the difference between DAWN and other publishing companies?
Dawn is exploring new areas in the world of book publishing. Electronic readers, tablets and social media offer great opportunities to be in direct contact with the readers. Also all writers are committed to the goals of Dawn and earmark part of the returns to the Dawn Books Foundation.

What is the Dawn Books Foundation?
Dawn Books Foundation is an independent legal entity. Their objective is to support innovative projects in under privileged countries. Focus is on projects against child labor, fair trade businesses and sustainable technology.

 Is DAWN interested in publishing other writers?
For 2012 Dawn decided to focus on the work of its four writers. In 2013 if successful we will be open to other writers who agree with the mission statements can apply to join DAWN.