Jacqui Burger (Rotterdam, 1965) is CEO of  Brighter World-DIF Books, and publisher in charge of  Dif Books Inc en Dif Books. In the Netherlands Brighter World/ DIfBooks published magazines and books. Jacqui worked for Shell and Ericson in a previous life but started her own business in 1995, working for various ngo’s and companies, advocating fair trade and an organic lifestyle. Her communication-agency merged with the companies of Fons Burger. In 1998 they also became partners for life and got married in 2001. In their merged family they have four children.

Fons Burger (Zandvoort 1952) is writer, journalist and musician. In the seventies he operated as war reporter in countries as Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Irak. He became editor in chief of a leading illustrated magazine in The Netherlands at the age of 28. In 1985 he started a career as musician and founded the internationally known music venues Rotown and Nighttown. In the Netherlands he published the novel Vrouwen and the thriller De Martelaren van Lot. Fons Burger also writes under the names Dutch and Paula King.


Now released in English:

52 easy ways to change the world from your workplace by Fons and Jacqui Burger
The 5 Woman Theory by Fons Burger
Tephran. The Secret of the Volcano by Fons Burger under the pen name Paula King
Wall of Fame. Quest for her Father by Fons Burger under the pseudonym Dutch